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Fall Engagement Photos in the Aspens at Mountain Springs Lodge

Regardless of the season, I have a hard time passing by a grove of aspen trees when I have a camera in my hand. I am taken by their uniformity and symmetry (when you see a grove of aspens they are all clones of a single organism propagated through the roots), their smooth gray bark and, in the fall, their brilliant yellow foliage. I have been waiting for the right opportunity to do an engagement photography shoot in an aspen grove for a some time now and am pleased to have found a couple who also thought it sounded look a good idea. I met up with Ksenia and Taylor at Mountain Springs Lodge in Plain, WA (just outside of Leavenworth, WA) on a cool fall afternoon with the aspens in full fall splendor. We spent about an hour doing a tour of various aspen groves around the property, including a picturesque grove with large, mature trees, where many outdoor wedding ceremonies are held. In addition to the aspens, the dried grasses in the fields added a lot of nice texture and color to the compositions. During the shoot we chatted casually and I did my best to relax them both so that I could capture some natural and spontaneous moments. I had a fun time with Ksenia and Taylor and I am looking forward to working with them again as their photographer for their wedding day next summer.

Leavenworth Wedding Engagement Photos in the Snow

A few weeks ago I did my first engagement photography session of the year in Leavenworth, WA. Kim and Scott have a wedding planned for later in the summer and were interested in having some winter engagement photos taken. One of the things I like about doing engagement sessions is that they give me a chance to begin to build a relationship with couples before their wedding day. My goal is to get them feeling comfortable with me and the camera so that they can relax and have fun, and I can take more candid photos. Kim admitted to me ahead of time that they feel awkward about getting their photos taken. So do I. That is why I don’t like lining people up and telling them to face me and smile, while I take a picture. It feels awkward and it rarely captures people being themselves.

In the week leading up to our shoot, I was watching the weather to see what kind of conditions we might have. The forecast was for mostly sunny skies with a small chance of snow later in the day. Whether we had sun or snow flurries, I knew we would have a fun time. I showed up early with sunny skies and scoped out some possible locations and noted the lighting conditions. By the time Kim and Scott arrived, the sky had become completely grey and snow was beginning to fall. The downside was that all of the beautiful late-day golden winter light was gone. The upside was that the cloud cover creates a nice soft light that is both flattering and potentially easier to work with, and besides I like snow. We started off slowly and by the end of the session Kim and Scott were having fun and smiling more spontaneously and maybe even forgetting, even if  just for a moment, that I was there with a camera.